About US

This has been a family owned and operated clinic since 1996.

Dr Leo has been practicing in this field for over 45 years .He was working at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China when it was founded in 1979. 10  His Qi Gong master, RenFeng Zhou, was one of only 10 Qi Gong professors in China at that time.

Dr Sunny graduated from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002. He has been a practicing licensed acupuncturist for 13 years. He continues to learn and expand his knowledge while working with Dr.Leo.

This experience has helped him to create a unique clinical TCM treatment, with Dr.Leo’s supervision. It is called”Detox Acupuncture”. it combines traditional Chinese modalities with personal development, lifestyle and diet. it is not only a treatment for pain relief, but educates the client in many aspects for better health.