many people have caught sick recently, because of wired weather somedays we were in summer ,somedays we were in early spring , when outside are hot cause lung become hot too and immune system couldn’t defend our body . In Chinese Medicine philosophy summer relates to fire , which most […]

What should we eat in summer

Body energy: Pomegranate Pomegranate has fully essence element and abundant energy far more than other fruits.  detoxification play excellent , promote cell metabolism, make up the energy. It Contains multiple vitamins, minerals, potent antioxidants. Natural vitamin C: Strawberries Strawberries contain vitamin C. In natural therapy, strawberries can be used to clean […]

6 Detoxification fruit

The symptom of toxin from the heart  : the ulcer around tip of tongue, smallpox on the forehead, insomnia, irregular heart beat, tight feeling or stabbing pain feeling around chest. Best time to detoxification 7pm-9pm . Lotus seed tea (pairing with dried lily bulb petals) Ingredients 2 oz dried white […]

Heart detoxification

Honey with ginger tea is good for everyone , In a first month , drink once at every morning before bath , you could loose 10 pounds weight and also your skin will get delicate . If you keep drinking the tea more than a year , most of skin […]

Honey&Ginger tea

The Baduanjin qigong is primarily designated as a form of medical qigong, meant to improve health. This exercise is mentioned in several encyclopedias originating from the Song Dynasty. The Pivot of the Way (Dao Shi, c. 1150) describes an archaic form of this qigong. The name of the form generally […]

Baduanjin Qigong